Teddy Group: a new distribution hub for a better customer care and a more sustainable business

  • The project looks to the future, to make Teddy closer and closer to its customers and more sustainable.
  • The hub is currently being tested and it is expected to be operational in the short term and fully up and running within the end of 2021 summer.
  • The hub is located in Gatteo, a town nearby Rimini, and covers a surface area totaling over 79,000 sq. m (the size of nine football pitches).
  • The total investment made was 70 million euros, with state-of-the-art logistics and cargo-handling solutions.


Rimini, 15th February 2021 - Gruppo Teddy, one of the leading companies in the international fast fashion market with its brands Terranova, Calliope and Rinascimento, has now a newly completed logistics “heart”. 

The new distribution hub of the corporate group was built in Gatteo (FC), a town nearby Rimini, and is currently being tested. Thanks to the development of this project, Teddy keeps on looking towards the future to boost its growth, despite the difficult time we are going through.

The hub will be soon operational and will provide full benefits when it will be fully up and running as expected within July 2021. 

The hub was a strategic investment for two main reasons. 

  1. An important investment in sustainability: a more performing and flexible distribution network will allow collection purchases to be managed more efficiently and effectively. This is the first step aimed at reducing the carbon footprint of the entire production chain: a more efficient collection purchase and distribution network will make more efficient, and therefore more sustainable anything used to manufacture the same collections (water and energy consumption, transport, etc.).
  2. A better service for customers all over the world: the project will highlight the ability to make the right product be delivered at the right time in the stores, thus directly influencing customer satisfaction. 

The new distribution hub will be much more performing than the current solutions: higher speed, more productivity, simplified processes, people fully supported in their work and focusing on strategic activities. The parcel sorting capacity will be up to 520,000 parcels per week, compared to the current 180,000 ones. The entire central distribution will be gathered in one warehouse, where today there are three. 

The total investment made was over 70 million euros, with the cost of the real estate borne by T&M Properties (the real estate business of the corporate group Teddy and T&M Holding belong to). Furthermore, the building of a new distribution hub will mean more than 3 million euros in local works and activities in the town of Gatteo for the benefit of the local community.

The overall dimension of the new distribution hub is 79,137 sq. m with 32,874 sq. m of buildings, 26,003 of which used as warehouse and 6,871 sq. m used as offices and service spaces. Parking areas and slots will cover 29,116 sq. m while green areas, which cover a surface of 17,147 sq. m, will play an important role.

“An investment that will make our company increasingly more advanced and ready for the future, with distribution strategies that will improve the service we provide our consumers with, bringing efficiency into our stores”, said Alessandro Bracci, Teddy CEO.

The project has been developed by a team of 100 Teddy people who work in the logistics department and coordinated it with the collaboration of external business partners. Most of them literally grew up inside Teddy and over the year made it possible for the corporate brands to serve their customers in over 40 countries. 

The new distribution model will provide for a flexible service level, customized for each store and market, thanks to state-of-the-art technology and software. At the same time, the new distribution hub will act as an “accelerator” for many projects aimed at improving increasingly more customer service. 

In Gatteo there will be the best technologies in the world with reference to automation and network connection, which were improved thanks to the skills and experience of the people who have been working for years at Teddy Logistics department and to that of our business partners, who are among the world leaders in property development and automation. 

Teddy Corporate Group is a company able to compete in the world fast fashion market thanks to its consolidated sales exceeding half a billion Euros (642 million euros, 2019 data). In addition to the retail brands Terranova and Calliope, the corporate group sells Rinascimento, Kitana and QB 24 brands and operates through its retail sales network (flagships) and wholesale network (wholesale stores) in more than 90 countries in the world. Teddy was founded in 1961 in Rimini and has been pursuing its Dream for over 50 years, the dream of building “a large and global company that earns enough money to create jobs and to use a part of the net profits to help charities operating in Italy and abroad” (Vittorio Tadei, founder of Gruppo Teddy). 



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